Dion created as a sacred place of worship of Zeus and soon became a great city that flourished and shone over the centuries. The feasts for Zeus and the Muses in the years of King Archelaus (413-399 BC) gained great glory and fame as the Olympic games of Macedonia.

In Dion there is the most beautiful archaeological park in Greece, a beautifully designed archaeological site of ancient temples, Hellenistic and Roman theaters, ancient paved streets, swimming pools and baths with mosaic, conservatory, Roman houses, villas and early Christian basilicas.

The city had a system of perpendicular intersecting streets, which paved at the imperial years. In the southern part of town there were the public baths, the Great Baths, which date from 200 AD. In addition there is the Conservatory and at the eastern sector the impressive Villa of Dionysos, with mosaics. In the center of town there is the episcopal basilica of the fourth century AD and outside the walls the royal cemetery of the fifth century. In Dion, moreover, there are several temples, as the goddess Demeter and Isis, the Hellenistic theater (built by Philip V) and part of the stadium where the athletic games Olympia used to take place.

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