Platamon castle

The Platamon castle is perhaps the most important attraction of Pieria and the "trademark" of the county where in the summer take place theater  plays, concerts and other cultural events during the Olympos Festival. During the Byzantine and medieval times, the story of Platamonas identified with the famous Venetian castle.

In the castle there are the three basic characteristics of the medieval fortresses: The first enclosure, the second enclosure, which is the citadel and the central tower. The outer wall of the castle is polygon.

It was built by Crusaders Lombards in 1204 and it was used to control the passage from Macedonia to Thessaly. After its conquest by the Byzantines, the 14th century, it was conquered by the Turks. In 1770 was occupied briefly by the Greeks,as well as in the 1825 and 1878. Bombed by the captain Sachtouri in 1897 and then abandoned by the Turks. In 1941 the castle was used as a stronghold of New Zealanders, who intended to delay the descent of the Nazis to Thessaly.

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